Project details
A vegetable factory for the Gers?


  • Project duration: 2021 - 2021
  • Client: Bank of the Territories
  • Country or region: France
  • Department(s):
    Market research and marketing consulting
    Supply chains and territories

Opportunity and feasibility study for the creation of a vegetable factory and storage unit

Project aim:
The Gers company Vergers de Gascogne would like to study the opportunity and feasibility of setting up a first processing and preservation unit in the Gers in order to enhance the value of organic and local fruit and vegetables in various forms through different distribution channels (Large and Medium-sized Surfaces, specialised distribution, collective and commercial catering, etc.).

Activities of ECOZEPT:
Ecozept, in partnership with the CERFRANCE Gascogne Occitanie, is initially carrying out an opportunity study by conducting a study of the potential market and offer. This assessment is constructed through targeted interviews with players potentially interested in the project and an inventory of similar projects in France. This data is then used to propose different sizing scenarios as well as an analysis of the technical, economic, legal and financial feasibility.

Bank of the Territories

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