Project details
Economic feasibility study for the setting up of an Aquilaria essential oil industry in French Guiana


  • Project duration: 2018 - 2020
  • Client: GDI / CIRAD
  • Country or region: France
  • Department(s):
    Market research and marketing consulting
    Supply chains and territories

Project aim:
At the request of the Regional Agency for Development and Innovation "Guyane développement innovation" Ecozept carried out an economic feasibility study for the establishment of an Aquilaria essential oil industry in French Guiana.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
ECOZEPT has conducted field surveys among downstream actors (international buyers) and upstream actors (producers and processors of the sector). These surveys have enabled scenarios and decision support tools to be established. Finally, the selected scenario was the basis for the construction of a contractualized sector.

Guyane développement innovation / CIRAD

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