Organic food markets

Boosting organic farming, processing and distribution

At Ecozept, we're among the pioneers when it comes to organic food markets. We support market actors on any level of the supply chain to optimise their projects and earn better money.


Market research and marketing consulting

Market intelligence the sustainable way

Sound decision making needs factual basis that our market studies provide you with. Our consulting services for strategic and operatinal marketing help you steering your project through the everchanging food market.


Supply chains and territories

Optimizing supply chains for sustainable products

From local to international, in short or long channels, we build solutions to bring sustainable products to consumers’ plate through optimized chains.


Circular economy

Organising tomorrow's food and agriculture business

ECOZEPT is working on circular solutions in the domains of packaging, bio-materials, bio-fertilizer and energy production. We're partners in strong networks with the industry and cutting-edge scientists in Europe and Asia.


Sustainable catering

Getting sustainable food on everybody's plate

Building bridges between caterers and local, sustainable, quality food suppliers, providing integrated approaches, proposing practical day-to-day solutions: these are our core missions to promote sustainability in canteens.


Sustainable landuse

Water protection, evaluation of policy schemes

We work directly with farmers on sustainable soil use techniques and crop rotations. Thus, we reduce effluents and enhance both economy and ecology of farming. On another level, we evaluate the impact of agricultural policies.