Sustainable landuse

Our Services

  • Agriculture and environment policy evaluation
  • Support to sustainable public strategies for natural resources and agriculture
  • Development and management of long-lasting contracting schemes with water suppliers and farmers
  • Development of customized Geographic Information Systems

Our Expertise

  • Water management and policies
  • Sustainable agricultural practices and innovation
  • IT, Data management and G.I.S.

Water protection, evaluation of policy schemes

Intensive farming in drainage areas can endanger the quality of our ground water. Land cultivation that addresses the need to conserve our drinking water, on the other hand, actively contributes to the sustainable quality protection of our water supply.

We support you by building a long-lasting and constructive collaboration between water suppliers and farmers. In this way, we attain the necessary conditions for the agricultural industry's sustainable adaption to the requirements for ground water conservation in your area.

Our projects

Coordination and implementation of a land-use concept around the lake "Simsee"

Coordination and implementation of a land-use concept around the lake "Simsee" in the canton of Rosenheim.


Practical optimisation of the nitrogen cycle in hop cultivation

The effects of 67% versus 100% nitrogen fertilisation are being investigated in hop yards of 10 farms willing to experiment.


Development and application of drinking water protection concepts

Technical support and management of the conciliation between the farmers and the concerns of water quality in the different regions.


Promoting sustainable agricultural to improve water quality of the Sierck-les-Bains plateau in Moselle

The municipality of Bouzonvillois-Trois Frontières in France aims at supporting sustainable agriculture which has no or only a low impact on water resources at the Sierck-les-Bains plateau.


LIFT - Fostering “Low-Input Farming and Territories”

The overall goal of LIFT is to identify the potential benefits of the adoption of ecological farming in the European Union (EU) and to understand how socio-economic and policy factors impact the adoption, performance and sustainability of ecological farming at various scales, from the level of the single farm to that of a territory.


Round Tables agriculture in Munich

Ecozept supported the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Munich (Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung in the preparation and implementation of a total of seven round tables on the subject of "Agriculture". The aim of the project is to work out solutions in dialogue with representatives of the agricultural sector in various subject areas: agricultural structural surveys, dealing with compensation areas and contractual nature conservation as well as the promotion of organic agriculture.