Project aim:
ECOZEPT is member of the EU-research project “Low-Input Farming and Territories – Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem based farming” (LIFT). The consortium involves 17 partners in 13 European countries and is coordinated by the French institute for agricultural research INRA (Rennes). The overall goal of LIFT is to identify the potential benefits of the adoption of ecological farming in the European Union (EU) and to understand how socio-economic and policy factors impact the adoption, performance and sustainability of ecological farming at various scales, from the level of the single farm to that of a territory. LIFT will also develop innovative decision-support tools, new private arrangements and policy instruments.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
In the LIFT project, at least 30 case studies will be performed across Europe. One of them will be undertaken by ECOZEPT by the means of field surveys in several Bavarian agricultural value chains, a policy discourse analysis as well as stakeholder workshops.

European Commission under the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 for Research and Innovation (Grant Agreement No. 770747)

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