Circular economy

Our Services

  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Supply chains analysis, participative action plans, business models and plans
  • Strategic and operational marketing support

Our Expertise

  • Business and innovation networks in the European circular economy sector
  • Strategies for circular transformation of agri-food sector

Organising tomorrow's food and agriculture business

Circular economy is an economic model of a close-loop system which minimises the consumption of exhaustible materials and at the same time prevents the generation of waste. ECOZEPT provides services in strategic consulting and market research for circular economy products, such as biodegradable food packaging from agricultural waste or biodegradable plastic application in agriculture.

We carry out market analyses, identify existing market barriers and set up business models and marketing strategies to overcome the still existing market barriers. Through our activities in innovation programs such as Horizon 2020, we're partners in strong networks with the industry and cutting-edge scientists in Europe and Asia.

Our projects