Sustainable catering

Our Services

  • Strategic plans and operational support for local, organic, quality food in public procurement
  • Offer and demand analysis and dialogue for regional and local food chains
  • Training and change management in canteens

Our Expertise

  • Organic, local, quality food public procurement
  • Catering market expertise
  • Local and short supply chain management
  • French law on sustanaible catering (EGalim)

Getting sustainable food on everybody's plate

Food public procurement is a decisive lever to address transition to sustainable food systems, that local authorities now fully include in their policies. Reciprocally, demand for more virtuous products in the catering sector is an opportunity for organic and local supply chains to find market opportunities. The move towards locally connected, environmentally friendly and quality-oriented practices is a challenge, that impacts all dimensions of a catering service.

To address this challenge, we support our clients on a wide range of actions, from strategic support to operational advice: strategic plans and pilot operations, supply management, logistics, public procurement procedures, staff training, awareness raising, communication, etc. We put emphasis on bottom-up solutions for perennial changes.

Our projects

Joint supply administration for the delivery of local and biological products for catering in Loire Atlantique

The Loire-Atlantique Department had for several years been carrying out various actions to supply the collective catering sector with local, high-quality and organic food products. In order to go further and achieve the ambitious project objectives, the Department was looking for shared solutions to manage supplies, making it possible to remove the obstacles encountered by the catering companies and local food providers.


Local (organic) food for school canteens in the Occitanie region (South of France)

The regional council in Occitanie has raised the food policy to one of its „major regional tasks in 2018“ and fixed an ambitious objective: in 2021 a 40% share of local or “high quality food” in high schools canteens shall be reached, half of it coming from organic agriculture. 191 schools of 2nd degree as well as 2 central kitchens of the region are concerned.


"Pasture city Augsburg": Supporting the marketing of lamb meat

In order to develop and maintain grazing activities in the “Lech”- river areas near Augsburg (Bavaria), the Landschaftspflegeverband Stadt Augsburg e.V. (local landcare association - landscape and nature protection) supports local shepherds.


Foto by Norbert Liesz: Lämmer weiden am Lech

Strength2food - Sustainable food chains: EU quality policy and public sector procurement

Strength2food was a five-year, €6.9 million project to improve the effectiveness of EU food quality schemes (FQS), public sector food procurement (PSFP) and to stimulate Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) through research, innovation and demonstration activities. The 30-partner consortium representing 11 EU and four non-EU countries combines academic, communication, SMEs and stakeholder organisations to ensure a multi-actor approach.


Greenbelt Munich: Cooperation between City and Agriculture

Ecozept is working on circular solutions in the domains of agro-based packaging, bio-materials, bio-fertilizer and energy production. We're partners in strong networks with the industry and cutting edge scientists in Europe and Asia.


Support for the creation of the regional organic bread supply chain and collective mark Ptinor

The Nord Pas de Calais Regional Council wished to support the development of a local organic bread supply chain. By developing partnerships between local economic operators, the objectives was to improve the valorization of organic wheat and limit fluctuations in the price paid to producers, to enhance the image of organic farming in the region and to promote local products.