Project details
Joint supply administration for the delivery of local and biological products for catering in Loire Atlantique


  • Project duration: 2020 - 2020
  • Client: Conseil Départemental de Loire Atlantique
  • Country or region: France
  • Department(s):
    Supply chains and territories
    Sustainable catering

Project aim:
The Loire-Atlantique Department had for several years been carrying out various actions to supply the collective catering sector with local, high-quality and organic food products. In order to go further and achieve the ambitious project objectives, the Department was looking for shared solutions to manage supplies, making it possible to remove the obstacles encountered by the catering companies and local food providers.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
Ecozept and its partner Espelia have combinated their skills to support this approach: the aim was to use experiences gained in other areas and to identify relevant pooling solutions for the area, taking into account the current situation, the players already involved and the specific needs and expectations of catering companies in the Loire-Atlantique department. Finally, the aim was to define a financial and governance model suitable for the system.

Conseil Départemental de Loire Atlantique

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