Project details
Water and Sustainable Agriculture in the Châtillonnais region, Bourgogne


  • Project duration: 2019 - 2022
  • Country or region: France
  • Department(s):
    Supply chains and territories

Project aim:
To protect natural resources on its territory, EPAGE Sequana has set an ambitious objective with the Water and Sustainable Agriculture project in Châtillonnais: to reconcile the establishment of payments for environmental services and the development of remunerative sectors for agricultural production.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
We have supported this challenge in partnership with SOLAGRO and Cabinet Brun Cessac Avocats Associés. The keystone of our approach: consultation between private actors (farmers, marketers, processors) and the public (communities and institutions for the protection of natural resources), for a convergence of interests, the creation of an operational mechanism and the emergence of innovative governance.
To this end, we carried out a market study, a supply chain modeling, a territorial animation and accompanied the project leaders in the implementation of this supply chain (drafting of a roadmap, proposal of a business model and business plan).


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