Supply chains and territories

Our Services

  • Regional diagnosis of supply and demand
  • Supply chains analysis, participative action plans, business models
  • Marketing support for producers, SMEs and food companies
  • Assessment of economic opportunity and feasibility: processing, logistics, retail...
  • Facilitation and consultation on sector or territory leve

Our Expertise

  • Local strategies for sustainable food transition, territorial dialogue
  • Organisation and logistics in short or local food supply chains
  • Quality schemes, governance in sustainable food supply chains
  • Regional food projects

Optimizing supply chains for sustainable products

New paradigms of food consumption and ecological transition deeply question classical models of production, processing and distribution.  Shaped by a long process of concentration and standardization, supply chains have now to reinvent or deeply readapt: partnerships, logistics, marketing...

We support various projects in favour of local, ethical, geographically differentiated, environmentally friendly products by producing objective and comprehensive analysis.

We organize the dialogue within the supply chain, from field to fork and with other stakeholders that play an increasing role in the food sector (local authorities, associations, water supply institutions etc.).

Our projects

Prospective study on the agricultural and food trajectory of the «Département du Gers» until 2050

To consolidate its strategy for its territorial agricultural development, the « Département du Gers » wished to build an agricultural and food scenario for a resilient territory up to 2050.


Support the development of organic agriculture in the degraded catchment areas of Alsace Moselle and strengthen regional organic sectors

In order to protect water resources, the Syndicat des Eaux et de l'Assainissement Alsace Moselle (SDEA) has mandated the Professional Organization of Organic Agriculture in Alsace (OPABA) to study the feasability of developing organic farming in degraded catchment basins, and strengthen regional organic sectors.


Preservation and valorization of orchards in the administrative district of Freising (Bavaria)

The local Landcare Association Freising (Landschaftspflegeverband) wants to promote the marketing and thus the use and preservation of orchard meadows in the administrative district of Freising.


Economic development strategy based on the valorisation of the Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants sector (PPAM)

ECOZEPT has been mandated by the Department de la Drôme to develop a strategy for the “economic development of the supply chain of medicinal,- aromatic,- and perfume plants.


"Empowering Public Food Procurement": sustainable food in the European catering sector

The aim of this European Erasmus+ project is to contribute to the empowerment of local players in the sustainable food procurement for the catering sector in Europe. The project brings together eight organizations in six countries: France, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and the Netherlands. At the end of the project, European common leading principles to perform more sustainable food procurement in the catering sector will be proposed.


Local (organic) food for school canteens in the Occitanie region (South of France)

The regional council in Occitanie has raised the food policy to one of its „major regional tasks in 2018“ and fixed an ambitious objective: in 2021 a 40% share of local or “high quality food” in high schools canteens shall be reached, half of it coming from organic agriculture. 191 schools of 2nd degree as well as 2 central kitchens of the region are concerned.