Project aim:
The aim of this European Erasmus+ project is to contribute to the empowerment of local players in the sustainable food procurement for the catering sector in Europe. The project brings together eight organizations in six countries: France, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and the Netherlands. At the end of the project, European common leading principles to perform more sustainable food procurement in the catering sector will be proposed.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
The activities in details are: putting together practical knowledge of trainers on how to build sustainable food procurement at local scale; pooling concrete examples of good practices and innovative approaches; proposing concrete recommendations for representatives / chefs / managers of municipalities catering, and for trainers who support them. The project is coordinated by ECOZEPT and runs from September 2017 until August 2019

Erasmus+ European Commission

Similar projects

Support in the framework of a regional procurement programm for high schools

In 2015, the Hauts de France Region launched the operation "Manger Bio Local au Lycée" (Local Organic Eating at High School) in order to consolidate the development of organic surfaces in the Region, to ensure the sustainability of the region's organic businesses and to provide high school students with quality food. The objective set by this campaign was to reach 10% of local organic products in the collective catering of the partner high schools (40 in 2015, 70 planned for 2017). In 2017, the regional operation became "Je mange local au lycée" (I eat local at high school) with still this 10% target on local organic products and a target of 70% local products (organic and non-organic).


Handbook “Sustainability criteria in public food procurement" in Hesse

The aim of the project is to create a handbook on the application of sustainability criteria for Hessian municipalities, public institutions and publicly funded facilities. The handbook supports these institutions during the procurement process of food and catering services.


Joint supply administration for the delivery of local and biological products for catering in Loire Atlantique

The Loire-Atlantique Department had for several years been carrying out various actions to supply the collective catering sector with local, high-quality and organic food products. In order to go further and achieve the ambitious project objectives, the Department was looking for shared solutions to manage supplies, making it possible to remove the obstacles encountered by the catering companies and local food providers.