Market research and marketing consulting

Our Services

  • Market studies
  • Strategic and operational marketing support
  • Business models, business plans
  • Quality scheme and brand development

Our Expertise

  • Organic European markets
  • Quality, innovative and sustainable food schemes
  • Marketing research methodologies such as expert interviews, qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys, storechecks, focus group discussions

Market intelligence the sustainable way

ECOZEPT provides all necessary information to support your strategic and operational decision-making regarding markets, customers and competition. We will help you develop your market position and open up new marketing avenues with our competent advice and tailored marketing plans. Our work is based on the collection, analysis and customized preparation of essential information.

In particular, we have acknowledged expertise in market research and marketing consulting for innovative agri-food markets that are still in an early stage of development. We combine qualitative method approaches - such as expert interviews - with data-based quantitative evaluations, always tailored to the target markets and the industry actors.

Our projects

Market study in order to define the opportunity of a label for local agricultural products on Reunion island

The "Department de La Reunion" wished to evaluate the opportunity to create a new device to identify the local food products of Reunion Island.


"Pasture city Augsburg": Supporting the marketing of lamb meat

In order to develop and maintain grazing activities in the “Lech”- river areas near Augsburg (Bavaria), the Landschaftspflegeverband Stadt Augsburg e.V. (local landcare association - landscape and nature protection) supports local shepherds.


Foto by Norbert Liesz: Lämmer weiden am Lech

Market study on alternative forms of milk marketing

The aim of the study is to show the current situation and market potential and thus to ensure the economic competitiveness of Saxon milk producers.


Prospective study on the agricultural and food trajectory of the «Département du Gers» until 2050

To consolidate its strategy for its territorial agricultural development, the « Département du Gers » wished to build an agricultural and food scenario for a resilient territory up to 2050.


INNODirekt: New and innovative direct selling concepts of agricultural products

The BÖLN -funded research project “New and innovative direct selling concepts for agricultural products: state of the art and development of recommendations” undertook an analysis and an evaluation of new, innovative approaches of agricultural direct marketing from farmer to consumer.


GLOPACK - Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging

GLOPACK is a research project funded by the European Commission to promote sustainable food packaging. The aim of the project is to facilitate access to innovative and eco-efficient food packaging for both consumers and companies.