Impact of Covid-19 on the French organic food trade


In cooperation with the French trade magazine Biolinéaires and the sector associations Natexbio and Synadis, Ecozept conducted a survey in the French organic food trade on the effects and reactions of the Corona crisis. More than 900 shops participated in the online survey at the end of March!

The current issue of Biolinéaires (N° 89 - May 2020) presents the main findings of this study. We will send a summary in German to on request.

Moselle project: Water protection project in Bouzonvillois Trois Frontières (France) successfully completed


Ecozept and its partners "Bio en Grand Est" and "Envilys" have presented a feasibility study for agricultural value chains that promote water conservation in the Bouzonvillois Trois Frontières region. The area is located in the east of France directly on the border with Luxembourg and Germany. The action plan proposed in the feasibility study was designed together with regional stakeholders and economic actors.

Key areas of action include: Developing production and supply chains for the crop alfalfa, building local market opportunities for crops for diversification, improving production and markets for organic food and marketing support for regional pasture-raised meat. Our action plan will be integrated into the municipality's agricultural policy in the coming weeks. Now is the time to implement the proposed measures.

Innodirekt: Final report available


The study on innovative forms of direct marketing carried out by Ecozept and mareg (markt & regio) is now freely available under Organic Eprints: : "New and innovative direct selling concepts for agricultural products – state of the art, best-practice examples and analysis of consumer expectations and recommendations for stakeholders".

The study as well as further documents such as presentations and an information sheet can also be downloaded in our download area.