Project details
Strength2food - Sustainable food chains: EU quality policy and public sector procurement


  • Project duration: 2015 - 2020
  • Client: European Commission
  • Country or region: Europe
  • Department(s):
    Organic food markets
    Market research and marketing consulting
    Supply chains and territories
    Sustainable catering

Project aim:
Strength2food was a five-year, €6.9 million project to improve the effectiveness of EU food quality schemes (FQS), public sector food procurement (PSFP) and to stimulate Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) through research, innovation and demonstration activities. The 30-partner consortium representing 11 EU and four non-EU countries combines academic, communication, SMEs and stakeholder organisations to ensure a multi-actor approach.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
Case study-based quantitative research has been undertaken by Ecozept in order to measure economic, environmental and social impacts of FQS, PSFP and SFSC. The impact of PSFP policies on nutrition in school meals has also been assessed. Primary research has been complemented by econometric analysis of existing datasets to determine impacts of FQS and SFSC participation on farm performance, as well as understanding price transmission and trade patterns. Consumer knowledge, confidence in, valuation and use of FQS labels and products have been assessed via surveys, ethnographic and virtual supermarket-based research. Lessons from the research have been applied and verified in 6 pilot initiatives which bring together academic and non-academic partners. Impact was maximised through a knowledge exchange platform, hybrid forums, educational resources and a Massive Open Online Course.

European Commission under the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 for Research and Innovation (Grant Agreement No. 678024)

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