Project details
Development and application of drinking water protection concepts


  • Project duration: 1994 -
  • Client: Water supplier/communities
  • Country or region: Germany
  • Department(s):
    Sustainable landuse

Project aim:
Technical support and management of the conciliation between the farmers and the concerns of water quality in the different regions.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
- Freising (Commissioned by: public services board of Freising, since 1994)
- Au/Hallertau (Commissioned by: public services board of Au/Hallertau - since 2003)
- Wasserburg a. Inn (Commissioned by: public services board of Wasserburg / Inn, since 2002)
- Kaufbeuren (Commissioned by: public services board of Kaufbeuren, since 2004)
- Municipality of Allershausen (Commissioned by: municipality of Allershausen/Bavaria, since 1997)
- Municipality of Paunzhausen (Commissioned by: municipality of Paunzhausen/Bavaria, since 2001)

Water supplier/communities

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