Project details
Round Tables agriculture in Munich


  • Project duration: 2018 - 2020
  • Client: City of Munich
  • Country or region: Germany
  • Department(s):
    Market research and marketing consulting
    Supply chains and territories
    Sustainable catering
    Sustainable landuse

Project aim:
Ecozept supported the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Munich (Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung in the preparation and implementation of a total of seven round tables on the subject of "Agriculture". The aim of the project is to work out solutions in dialogue with representatives of the agricultural sector in various subject areas: agricultural structural surveys, dealing with compensation areas and contractual nature conservation as well as the promotion of organic agriculture.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
In addition to agricultural interest representatives and individual farmers from the Munich Green Belt, representatives from agricultural service departments and other municipal departments (Health & Environment, Economics & Labour) were also participating.

City of Munich - Department of Urban Planning

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