Project aim:
Within the scope of this preliminary study, the needs for a systematic development of regional marketing along the regional value chains will be determined. Furthermore, recommendations for action for a design of a Federal Program Regional Value Creation will be formulated.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
Ecozept contributes, together with FIBL Projects, to the elaboration and implementation of different modules within the project: the comparison and linking of the position paper of the Federal Association of the Regional Movement (Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung e. V.) with existing funding instruments; the analysis, categorization and typification of the funding instruments as well as their critical evaluation; the drafting of a discussion guide and the implementation of qualitative expert interviews; the formulation of recommendations for action and building blocks for a federal program Regional Value Creation.

Federal Association of the Regional Movement (Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung e. V.

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