"Territories in agro-ecological and food transition" Program

Project aim:
How to encourage agriculture and food transitions ?
9 territories engaged in ambitious projects about agriculture and food transitions are accompanied by the Carasso Foundation and AgroParisTech through the Program "Territories in agro-ecological and food transition" called TETRAA.
The aims of TETRAA ?
- To accelerate and sustain the initiatives of the 9 territories
- To analyse, understand and support the change process with a scientific approach
- To capitalise on and disseminate the experience gained as much as possible : valuable resources, tools and relevant methods,governance mechanisms and mobilization, …
The program TETRAA is build for 5 years and has a budget of 5,69 millions of euros
One modality of the program is based on the moderation of groups focusing on exchanging best practices, sharing information of mutual interest and learning around 4 main themes identified by the territories themselves :
1. Food democracy, governance and mobilization
2. Economic operators and short supply chains
3. Citizenship, social cohesion and justice
4. Reduction and adaptation to climate change

Activities of ECOZEPT:
Ecozept is in a partnership with Aequitaz, Extracité et Solagro to carry out the moderation of the groups focusing on exchanging best practices, sharing information of mutual interest and learning.
Ecozept take care of the moderation of the group dealing with "Economic Operators and Short Supply Chains". The leitmotiv of this group is how to involve economic operators on the transition projects.
The challenge is to lead to a new dialogue between economic operators, from farm to fork, also with the experts and consulting agencies and to enhance new forms of collaboration.
As part of this initiative, Ecozept organised a seminar entitled "Developing sustainable and fair agricultural and food sectors: how local authorities and businesses can work together". The seminar was an opportunity for experts, agri-food businesses and local authorities involved in the agro-ecological and food transition to meet! You can download the report here.

Carasso Foundation and AgroParisTech

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