Innovative potential of a circular economy: Market study of the agricultural and food industry in North Rhine-Westphalia

Project aim:
The objective of this market study is to assess material flows in the various plant and animal production sectors of the agricultural and food industry. The market analysis thus contributes to the identification of the innovation potential of the INGRAIN project.   
INGRAIN is financed by the programme "Wandel durch Innovation in der Region (WIR)" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and aims at a structural transformation by establishing a cross-sectoral and resource-saving circular economy. The sectors concerned are agricultural, textile and food production in part of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
The market analysis aims to identify waste and co-product streams and provides recommendations for their optimised and cross-sectoral use. In addition, relevant actors in the agriculture and food sector in the Rhine mining district are identified. The study is based on an analysis of the raw material potential of the existing agriculture and food industry. Then, based on the assumptions and guiding questions of the study, an expert survey is conducted in the food and agricultural industry. This qualitative and semi-directive survey is conducted by telephone with representatives of all the links in the targeted sectors.

Niederrhein Univeristy (Hochschule Niederrhein)

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