Project details
Organic regional food in school canteens


  • Project duration: 2021 - 2023
  • Client: County committee of the Lahn-Dill district, Hessen
  • Department(s):
    Market research and marketing consulting
    Sustainable catering

Project aim:
The aim of the project in the Lahn-Dill-Gießen region in the German federal state of Hessen is to measurably increase the proportion of regionally sourced organic food in school canteens. The project focuses on the development of supply relationships and networking between regional producers and processors as well as catering companies and schools.

Activities of ECOZEPT:
ECOZEPT contributes as a subcontractor of "FiBL Projekte GmbH" to the work packages “production and processing”. Thereby, ECOZEPT is responsible for the analysis of the existing regional supply structure and the optimisation possibilities on the part of the production and processing companies. For this purpose, ECOZEPT evaluates statistical data, conducts qualitative and quantitative surveys among the enterprises and sector representatives and organises excursions to best-practice enterprises. The main focus is on gaining market participants to build stable organic-regional value chains.

County committee of the Lahn-Dill district, Hessen

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